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6 Tips on Wedding Dress Cleaning

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6 Tips on Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 1: Clean it quickly

First of all, whenever you stain the dress, it is important not to leave the stain on for too long before handling it. Stains on wedding dresses are usually the easiest to fix when they are new. Try to remove it by gently tapping on the stained area with wet cloth or wet tissue paper.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 2: Identify the Stain

The train parts of the wedding dress are usually gray, gray, black and black. It is necessary to identify what type of stain is at the tail of the wedding dress. The stubborn stains of PVC, glue, paint, motor oil, and heavy oil looks similar to the dirt and dust stains on the surface. They are all is greyish black in colour. Sometimes you even need to apply a chemical potion to test what type of stain it is. If it is oily stains, you need to use a dry cleaning agent to remove paint stains. If it is simply dirt or dust, you may use a water-soluble stain remover. Of course, always remember to study and understand the Care Label before you do anything.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 3: Never use washing machine for Silk.

In addition to oily stains, there is another situation where dry cleaning agents must be used, which is Silk. Silk is a beautiful and luxurious fabric. This fibre component is woven into a soft and smooth fabric. Silk is a kind of natural protein with a smooth surface and shiny appearance, and it can resist dust and odour well. The fabric is extremely sensitive and delicate, and regular laundry shops usually refuse to clean them. Silk fabrics require highly Professional Devices and skills to clean and maintain. Do not attempt to wash them in a washing machine or hand wash at home. Hand or washing machine is likely to be damage 100% Silk.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 4: Tips on Silk Treatment

If the wedding dress is made of imitation silk or not 100% pure silk, there is a chance that it can be washed. The laundry shop usually uses a laundry program for washing delicate clothes at a temperature below 40 degrees with slow spinning speed. In fact, although these washable non-pure silks will not shrink greatly after washing, they will gradually lose their shininess over time after washing.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 5: Dry Cleaning is wet?!

The term “Dry cleaning” is very confusing. We always imagine that there is no liquid involved, and the Dress won’t get wet. But this is wrong. Dry Cleaning involves the usage of a liquid, and it does not use water or water-soluble detergent. The dress will be immersed a liquid solvent and cleaned slowly. Instead of using water, they use a dry-cleaning solvent. For dissolving oil-soluble stains, dry cleaning agents are effective. But for water-soluble stains, the effect of dry cleaning agents is relatively insignificant, and most of the daily stains are water-soluble.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tip 6: Dry Cleaning won’t make your dress whiter

Dry cleaning agent has no Whitening and refurbishing effect, but it is effective against oily stains. Therefore, it explains why the dry cleaners will tell you that the dry cleaners have a chance to not clean them. Unless there are silk fabrics, most laundry shops will also advise you not to dry clean. In addition, most of the wedding dress fabrics can only be wet washed and not dry cleaned. The reason is that the high temperature of dry cleaning may damage the fabric structure.


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