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How to treat Chemical Burn on Wedding Dress?

chemical burn

How to treat Chemical Burn on Wedding Dress?

Chemical burns, also known as caustic burns. Sometimes your Wedding Dress may get in contact with some unknown chemical components. No matter the chemical is acidic or alkaline, it reacts with certain incompatible fabric components. This will result in chemical burns, which causes permanent damage to the fabric structure.

Example 1:

During the outdoor party, some brides carelessly stained the hem part of their wedding dress with mud and grass. To make things worse, they tried to clean the dresses themselves by using regular household detergents. As a result, some parts of the Wedding Dress were chemical burnt with yellow spots.

Example 2:

This is particularly common towards Second Hand wedding dresses. A Bride purchased a Designer bridal gown in an Outlet Sale. Since the dress is grey, the Bride tried to soak the dress into Bleach for several days.

Such long-term bleaching can chronically damage the fabric structure. Many fabrics cannot be bleached, especially for wedding dresses made of silk and wool. Using laundry products containing bleach and hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical burns on silk fabrics and the formation of yellow spots.

Next time if you want to clean the dress yourself, please pay attention to chemical burn, read the care label and cleaning instructions.


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