Wedding Dress Cleaning

11 interesting facts about Cleaning Silk Wedding Dress

Cleaning Silk Wedding Dress

11 interesting facts about cleaning silk Wedding Dress

  1. This may sounds weird, but Silk is actually formed by the coagulation of the glandular secretions of silkworms!
  2. Silk is a long fiber. The length of each fiber ranges from 500 -1000 mm. Silk is so thin that within 1mm of fabric, there can be up to 100-330 roots!
  3. There is a wide range of garment fabrics made from silk. From thinner summer fabrics to heavy winter fabrics, silk can be used for manufacturing, and it is suitable for all ages.
  4. Silk has many excellent characteristics. It is the one of the best natural fibers. Therefore, silk has become the most noble kind of fiber and enjoys the reputation of Queen of Fiber.
  5. All kinds of pure silk fabrics have higher strength than pure wool. However, their anti-wrinkle performance is worse than wool.
  6. Silk has fine color, soft and bright luster. It feels smooth and soft, elegant and luxurious. Therefore, many designers love to use silk for Wedding Dresses.
  7. Silk can easily be distinguished from other natural fibers.
  8. Silk fabric has better heat resistance than wool. If heated under 110℃ for short time, there will be no damage to silk.
  9. Yet, we should avoid spraying water when ironing silk as this might end up with water marks which are difficult to remove.
  10. The dyeing performance and light fastness of silk fabrics are the worst among all kinds of fabrics. Therefore, after long-term exposure to light, the wear resistance becomes worse.
  11. Silk are relatively stable to inorganic acids, but they are also easily damaged when the concentration is high. Also, they are very sensitive to alkalis, so it is advisable to use neutral cleaning chemicals when washing.

How to Dry Silk Wedding Dress after washing?

Silk is a kind of fabric that is easy to fade. Usually, silk is dry cleaned such that the colour can be maintained without fading. However, silk is very delicate. To clean silk, we all know that we should use neutral cleaning detergents during the washing process, and minimizing friction. Another major challenge is how to properly dry Silk after washing.

After washing silk Wedding Dresses, it is not advised to twist them by hand. Hand twisting is can cause serious damage to the fabric. Silk Wedding Dress can be spin-dried, but different silk garments have different requirements for spin-drying. Under normal circumstances, the Dress should not be too dry, especially for silk with a relatively tight structure. This type of fabric may cause permanent wrinkles when it is dried.

For extra thin and dense silk fabric, such as power-spun silk, can be shaken lightly. It is not suitable for excessive drying. In addition, after drying, the folds formed during the drying process should be shaken, and then placed in a ventilated and shaded room to air dry.

Can silk Wedding Dresses be dried in the sun after washing?

No! silk wedding dress has poor abrasion resistance and light fastness. Also, the color fastness of silk is poor. Therefore, after washing a wedding dress, it is not suitable to expose directly under the sun.

Preservation & Storage of Silk Wedding Dress

Silk Wedding Dresses are light in texture and bright in color. Care should be taken when storing and wearing them to prevent contamination and damage. Before storage, the Dress should be thoroughly cleaned, preferably by Professional Wedding Dress Dry Cleaners. Also, Dry Cleaning protects the Dress and strengthen the shape.

Silk Wedding Dresses has poor color fastness and should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid color fading. For storage, your Dress should be wrapped in acid-free paper to prevent yellowing.

Furthermore, to avoid pressure and wrinkles, you must store your wedding dress separately or on top of the wardrobe.

Last but not least, Silk wedding dress should be separately from fur and wool clothings. It must be stored separately to prevent dyeing from other clothings. Moisture is a big No! Otherwise, mould and insects might appear. Please store it in a indoor, dry environment.


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