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Wedding Dress is the most important piece of garment you wear in your life, it is worth the value to properly clean it and preserve it for the future generations. Imagine the happiness when you bring out the dress and review it with your family, and to share the blessings to your children. How sweet it is!
Why Choose Us? We are a professional cleaning company, providing Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Stain Removal as well as Restoration Service. With special cleaning devices and industrial grade chemical, we are the specialist in cleaning Wedding Dress, Bridal Wear and Heirloom Garment.

Once we receive your dress from courier, a full assessment of the dress will be performed. We carefully analyze the dress and care label, understand the characteristics of the textile, identify the stains, and apply the correct treatment. Based on all these factors, our technicians will come up with the best cleaning process tailor-made for your dress.



Different from normal local dry cleaners, we insist to clean every single individually to avoid any shape change or any risk of damage. One-by-one, we focus and put all attention to 1 Dress at a time, and would not clean all dresses in bulk volume. We take care of each dress with extra care by measuring a specific cleaning solution for the dress. In addition, our technicians would closely monitor and regularly inspect the process during various stages of cleaning. Balancing of Excellent cleaning result with minimum risk is always our top priority.

We often receive damaged dress orders from customers who tried to clean their dresses by themselves; or through local dry cleaner shop. Why? Because their cleaning result was disappointing. Bridal wear comprises particularly sensitive textiles, which can hardly be cleaned with domestic cleaning products or household washing machines. Product knowledge, skills, experience and tools are necessary when treating luxury and delicate garments.


Another key factor to achieve the superior efficacy and minimize chance of cleaning faulty is utilization of expensive devices. Our professional devices have complex cleaning programs which is specifically designed to clean premium garments or sensitive fabric. Local dry cleaner or laundry shops normally do not have this kind of devices as wedding dresses are not their main business focus.

  Local Dry Cleaner


Type of Garments


X   Usual Clothings

Wedding Dress & Bridal Wear

Luxurious Heirloom Garment 

Handling of Garments X   Heavy Machine Cleaning in Bulk Volume

Gentle Cleaning 1-by-1 with Specific Instruments & Devices


Cleaning Chemicals X   Universal Detergents that may damage fabric

Special chemicals gentle towards Delicate Fabric


Skills, knowledge & Experience


X   Not familiar with wedding dresses

Qualified Experts in Wedding Dresses care service


Target Customers


X   Everyone in the local area

Brides & the Family




X   Self drop-off & self pickup Door to Door pickup & delivery

Working Hours


X   NormalWorking hours 24/7 Online System


To properly clean a wedding dress, the followings must be considered:

  • Industrial grade chemicals is required but cannot be found in supermarkets
  • Range of chemicals which is specialized for luxury fabric such as viscose, silk, wool, raw silk
  • Experience & skills on handling luxurious garments
  • Knowledge about different fabrics, fibers and trims
  • Skills for Hand Cleaning, Stain removal and spot cleaning
  • Dry cleaning/ wet cleaning with professional devices & instruments
  • Chemical Knowledge and cleaning-process programming to tackle different sources of stains
  • Identification about different structure/ design/ enlistments of the dress
  • Water temperature, detergent amount
  • Operation of commercial devices
  • Risk of chemical hazard/ chemical reactions to avoid fabric damage such as chemical burn
  • Risk of physical damaging
  • Waste Management & Disposal of unwanted chemicals


The best time to clean your wedding gown is as soon as possible. The longer the stains stay on the dress, the harder it takes to remove it.

Although most of the time, we are able to clean our customers’ vintage and dirty dress with good results, we still suggest all customers to clean the dress right after the wedding or event.

Some stains, if staying on the material for too long, can deeply penetrate the inner part of the thread/ fabric and hence, the stains cannot be removed without damaging the dress. So please send us the dress as soon as possible.

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