• Wedding Dress Spot Clean & Stain Removal: At this stage, we put all the attention on removing the stained parts. We apply industrial grade chemicals to Spot Clean areas that required special attention. We have studied the properties of various chemical agents, and they we choose right chemical agent for that specific fabrics.
  • For extra safety, before applying the chemicals, we would test the fabric on a small, unseen area to avoid any potential unexpected fault from happening. Different formulas can remove different types of stains. Our full range of special solutions have a high soil removal capacity, which is particularly gentle and caring towards wedding dresses. Their formulas were precisely calculated to clean sensitive and delicate fabric without damaging it.

Wedding Dress Spot Clean Stain Removal


  • In addition, we use a commercial Ultrasonic cleaning device specifically designed for sensible fabric  during the Spot Clean & Stain Removal stage. It utilizes Ultrasound to safely enhance and intensify the cleaning process.
  • Ultrasound refers to the sound waves with frequency above the upper limits of human hearing, which is above 20,000 Hz. An example for Ultrasound would be dog whistle, which emits a sound that dogs can hear but human cannot. It is a powerful device such that the pulsating waves can be seen moving through the water. Since these waves are so much stronger than regular sound waves, it creates many cavitation bubbles.
    The principle of this cleaning device is that these bubbles move vigorously in water, which results in implosion. Opposite to explosion, implosion means that matter and energy collapse inwards. Next, when implosion cavitation bubbles hit the service of the fabric, which then create a lot of heat and energy.
  • Finally, the energy burst and rebound off the surface where they remove stains from the fabric, just like a high pressure vacuum. This ultrasonic cleaning device can be specifically tuned for different dresses. By adjusting the water temperature, cleaning chemicals, wave frequency and the time, any specific cleaning needs can be addressed. This technology has been widely applied in many industries, such as 3D Printing, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and fire-fighting.

Wedding Dress Spot Clean


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