Wedding Dress Cleaning

Cleaning tips Before & After the Wedding Day

Wedding day cleaning tips

Before & after the Wedding day, here are some useful points to note. If you want to wash the train stains of the wedding dress after pre wedding photo day, you must first analyze the type of stains. The stains are categorized into oil-soluble and water-soluble. You can use dry cleaning and wet cleaning respectively.

Of course, every bride wants to make her wedding dress brighter and whiter on the wedding day. So, the dress needs to be completely cleaned and refurbished beforehand. We will wash the wedding dress with a laundry formula of whitening and refurbishing ingredients. In addition to the overall improvement in whiteness of the wedding dress fabric, this can also slow down the yellowing of the wedding dress due to long-term storage.

After cleaning the wedding dress, we highly recommended customers to preserve the wedding dress in a sturdy storage box. This can protect the wedding dress from yellowing /dust/ stains and UV for long term. Customers can also choose our wedding storage service, from pre wedding to Wedding day. We will store it in a professional packaging box with acid-free paper, and the storage environment stable without exposure to sunlight, humidity or high temperature.

When the bride puts on the wedding dress again after the big day, new dirt could be formed. So it needs to be cleaned again. If the bride intends to sell the wedding dress second-hand in the near future, it may be sufficient to clean only the areas with obvious stains. Such as the yellowed areas under the armpits and the gray-black areas of the skirt tails, which can save a lot of wedding dress cleaning fees.

Wedding day cleaning tips


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