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10 most common sources for stains on a wedding Dress

common wedding dress stains

10 most common sources for stains on a wedding Dress

Beware! All these can ruin a Wedding Dress!

Wedding Dress Stain 1

Yellow spots gradually appear after storage in the closet for half a year to a year. They can also be caused by oil stains, blood stains and sweat stains.

Wedding Dress Stain 2

Food and beverages stains in the Wedding Banquet: juice, champagne, wine, sauce, soft drinks, gravy, ketchup etc

Wedding Dress Stain 3

Ballpoint pen oily stains caused by wedding venue documents, paint stains, ballpoint pen marks, marks caused by long-term contact with the PVC rubber surface of the wedding dress bag

Wedding Dress Stain 4

Train of the wedding dress with long tail got stepped on many times by careless bride and guests, result in black/ grey train

Wedding Dress Stain 5

Oxidation of Accessories, embellishments and beadings on the wedding dresses, Metal zipper, metal buckles and metal veil. Oxidation leads to rusty stains.

Wedding Dress Stain 6

Brides trying to self clean a dress in the washing machine together with regular clothings. Discoloration of the clothes can leads to Formation of Dye stains on the wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Stain 7

Welcome Reception accident causing water-soluble ink stains, oil stains or blood stains

Wedding Dress Stain 8

Bridal makeup, lipstick, foundation liquid, powder, hair spray, causing stains, perfume, deodourant, body lotion, hand cream

Wedding Dress Stain 9

Second hand or used wedding dress bought from sample sale outlet, which has faded colour or greyish coulour

Wedding Dress Stain 10

Poor preservation or storage of wedding dress. Contact with UV, moisture or temperature change result in stain development.

Note: Not every stain can be 100% removed. If the stain has been too stubborn, we can only try to make the stain lighter by 90% or less obvious.


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