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2 Main Reasons why my Wedding Dress turns dark and grey

grey wedding dress turns dark

2 Main Reasons why my wedding dresses turns white and grey:

(1) Environmental Stains

Due to the size and the fabric, Wedding dress is always acting like a vacuum. It absorbs all the dust and dirt around it. The longer you keep, the darker it becomes.

If it is only stained with dusty/ grass/ mud, our own whitening and refurbishing formula can effectively remove these type of stains. The formula has absolutely no bleach, which might damage the dress. The more you wash it, the whiter and brighter it becomes. It helps restore the original colour of the fabric.

Our formula slows down the aging of the fabric, thereby greatly increasing the life of the wedding dress. One thing to note is that the formula will only have a significant effect on wedding dresses that have not been damaged by bleach or colour bleach.

(2) Usage of Bleach

Often we receive customers trying to DIY – clean my own wedding dress. Trying to clean it yourself? Well, it becomes little whiter at first. However, the more washes you make, it becomes more and more darker. The fabric becomes weakened, and the previous shininess is lost. So, you give up. Long-term usage of bleach water to wash the wedding dress will damage the fabric as it becomes darker and greyer. After that, even our special chemicals cannot save the dress. If the fabric is aging and damaged, the formula powder will be ineffective. Therefore, it is very important not to use bleach or colour bleach.


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