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Spot Cleaning: Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning?

spot clean 12 dry cleaning wedding dress

Whenever there is a concentrated stained part in a Wedding Dress, the best way to remove the stain is spot cleaning. We usually use a professional textile cleaning Spray Gun. Depends on the nature and chemical property of the stain, we apply either Dry Cleaning for oil soluble stains or Wet Cleaning chemicals for water soluble stains.

Wet Cleaning Wedding Dress

The best way to wash the entire wedding dress: We use a Water-soluble whitening formula powder. Soak the whole dress into a warm bath of water with suitable amount of chemical powder. It dissolves any water-soluble stains on the dress and it has additional whitening function. After the cleaning process, it brings a refreshing look to the dress. Except for silk and wool, most wedding dress fabrics can only be wet washed and cannot withstand dry cleaning.

Regular laundry shops uses water-soluble spray gun for stain removal, or uses dry cleaning agent for spot cleaning, followed by wet washing with ordinary commercial washing powder. There will be no whitening effect to the fabric.

We use water-soluble whitening formula powder to wash the whole dress, which will have an whitening and refurbishing effect, and there is absolutely no bleaching and bleaching ingredients, which might potentially damage a dress.

Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress

Another way to wash a wedding dress is Dry cleaning. There is no whitening function under dry cleaning. In other words, any yellowing/ greyish/ back parts cannot be removed. Except for the dry cleaning agent that dissolves into oil-soluble stains, it is no different after washing.

Dry cleaning agents are more expensive, and washing a wedding dress uses a lot of Dry Cleaning agents. Only the fabrics that cannot be wet washed will be used. Silk and wool fabrics are likely to shrink and become damaged when exposed to water, so Dry Cleaning is the only option for these materials.

Dry cleaning is about 3 times the price of wet cleaning due to the huge consumption of dry cleaning agent. However, dry cleaning is very effective in removing oil soluble stains. Please note that this has no whitening effect and cannot remove water-soluble stains.

Most brides choose to Wet Clean a wedding dress, which is the cheapest way, suitable for relatively clean dresses. If the wedding dress has serious stains, spot cleaning and stain removal treatment is needed. The cleaning effect is obvious and the price is more expensive. A small number of customers are forced to use dry cleaning due to the oily nature of the stain, but the price is the most expensive and there is no whitening effect. Therefore, it is very important at the beginning to understand the source of the stains.


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