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How to properly clean a Wedding Dress?

spot clean 2 Clean Wedding Dress

Clean Wedding Dress

Regular Fabric Treatment:

To start with, Dry Cleaning and/ or Wet Cleaning can gently remove most of the easy stains. Next, for special attention areas, spot cleaning is applied. We would check carefully for any difficult stains, and hand clean them thoroughly with professional cleaning devices. Instead of using large industrial machines which might damage the dresses, we use handy devices and treat customers’ dresses individually. The whole process from start to finish takes around 20 hours. Oil-soluble Dry Cleaning Detergents, together with the Water-soluble Wet Cleaning Chemicals, has a strong stain removing ability. The whole process end by soaking the dress into a bath of Restoration Cleaning Agents, which strengthen the fabric and refresh the look of the dress.

Delicate Fabric Treatment:

Fabrics such as silk are extremely delicate. Please mark down in the order, or notify us before you send us the dress. In the online shop, you can indicate the type of fabric of your dress easily. We will apply various industrial chemicals which is specifically designed to clean a particular fabric. They are gentle but effective.

Clean Wedding Dress


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