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Case Study: Red Dye Stains on Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Dye Stains gallery clean wedding dress

Wedding Dress Dye Stains

Another D.I.Y. incident of Dye Stains. This Bride was trying to clean the wedding dress herself. She wash her regularly laundry together with her Wedding Dress. At the end, some red dye released from a Tee Shirt got on the wedding dress.

Can you remove Wedding Dress Dye Stains?

Really Depends on the Wedding Dress. We need to consider the followings:

  • Area of the stained part
  • Fabric Type
  • Any embellishment/ accessories at the area
  • How deep the Red Dye penetrated into the fabric

We cannot guarantee to remove this type of Dye stain.

How to remove Dye Stains on Wedding Dress?

First and most importantly, we study the Care Label of the Dress.

Second, we analyze the status of the stain.

Next, we have 3 levels of chemicals.

We use Level 1, a mild chemical at the beginning to treat the Wedding Dress. Some fabric are too delicate for Level 2 and 3 chemicals.

Dye Stains on satin and cotton can use Level 1 and 2, which can generally be removed. Stains on Lace is more difficult to remove, and it usually goes to the Level 2 or Level 3. Level 3 Chemical is mostly applicable to non-beaded metal parts and fabrics that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Not applicable to Silk and Wool.

Wedding Dress Dye Stains


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