Restoration treatment is an efficient way to rejuvenate the oxidized fabric, turning the yellow or brown colour back to original creamy/champagne/ shining white. The treatment requires special sensitiveness to minimize the risk of textile shrinking or deformation, giving the dress a long-term value retention.

We are here to help you to restore your old dress back to its original glory. Most of our treatments can return the dress more than 90% of its previous shiny look.

First, Restoration Treatment and conservation of vintage dress is a complicated process that required well trained technicians with experience. A tiny mistake can result in damage to the dresses. That’s why most of these local cry cleaning or laundry shops usually do not provide restoration service.

Next, Restoration treatment involves the usage of strong, hazardous chemicals, and the process required many precise measurements and monitoring to avoid damages and risks.

For example, some of Raw Silk is an extremely sensitive fabric such that strong chemical should be avoided. Otherwise, the chemical can react with the fiber and hence, weaken the fabric and result in damages. Sometimes, we may need to trade off and consider all factors. We achieve to get a good balance between of restoration safety as well as efficacy.


There are many external factors that causes the deterioration of your dress, while the most common issue with old dress is that being over-expose to air for long term. The oxidization can result in serious yellowing, or even brown spots generation.

Usually, if the dress was not professionally cleaned after wedding, or the owner did not preserve it properly, yellowing of the fabric will start to appear within 6-12 months.

To share an extreme case, we had an experience to restore a 50 year old dress. The owner did not properly preserve her dress, and there are the whole dress has stubborn yellowing. Fortunately, under the professional Restoration Treatment, the dress was able to return to its original brilliance. You can find the photos in our BEFORE & AFTER GALLERY.


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