Wedding Dress Preservation Storage Box


Today, dresses fabrics such as organza, chiffon, silk, tulle and satin, are mostly organic. Organic materials can slowly deteriorate and break down over the long term. Therefore, how to properly preserve and restore a valuable piece of garment becomes a serious topic nowadays. You need to invest in a Preservation Storage Box.

Without proper protection and preservation, a dress will face many difficulties. Colour fading and yellowing are very common issues. Exposure to air can oxidize the dress, weakening the material, and the hem part of the dress will become particularly brittle. Improper weight and pressure apply can deform the dress shape or damage the enlistments. Temperature change and moisture can result in germs development or even moulding. Also, whenever you want to take it out to review the dress, make sure to wear a glove be prevent any grease, dirt, oil or makeup to affect the storage.

We suggest customers to store the box a dark place away from UV light. The humidity should be stable around 50%. Temperature should also be stable without large fluctuations. Do not store it in attics, garages, or basements.

You can store in a covered storeroom, inside closet, wardrobe or under the bed. If possible, try not to stack anything on top of the box. Moreover, we recommend customers to inspect the dress every 2-3 years to make sure it is in great condition. Check for any stains and try to move the folds so that creases will not become permanent.

How to Preserve your Dress


Preserve Your Dress Now

To keep your family heirloom for years, we strongly suggest you invest in our Storage Box. Using premium quality white board as a material, these large boxes are thick, sturdy and suitable for long term wedding dress storage. The dress is covered by PH neutral, acid free tissue paper, protecting the dress against all sorts of moisture, germs, UV and decoloring.



Preserve in acid free environment

Normal tissue paper has certain acidity, which can chemically react with the dress and slowly damage it.

Acid Free Tissue is free of acids that can cause it to deteriorate in the long run and damage the dress. There are 2 types of acid free tissue paper: buffed and unbuffed. Unbuffed tissues are more suitable for wedding gowns and luxurious garments. It has a pH neutral level of 7.0-7.5, which is mild towards delicate fabric.



After reviewing your dress…

After reviewing your dress, do not forget to pack it properly and safely back to the Preservation Storage Box. Make sure to pack it on a clean, flat surface. Use gloves to protect the dress against any dirt or hand oils. Take the dress and lay it face down with the middle of the dress over the box. You may need to adjust the dress so that the bodice is centered properly.

Next, place acid free tissue onto the skirt. Unbuffed acid free tissue is the best choice for all textiles and garments. Tissue pads the folds to prevent creases. Carefully lay tissue on every layer of the dress as you fold the sides and the bottom of the skirt into the box, followed by placing tissue on the entire skirt.

Finally, fold the bodice of the dress back over the skirt, and make sure it is centered in the Preservation Storage box. If your dress has sleeves, stuff them with tissue. Any tissues left behind can be used to pad the sides of the dress to prevent shifting or any movement in the box.